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Usocore derives its name from Usoco in Rotterdam, formed in 1929 by Bertinus Kurpershoek. The Antwerp branch of the ‘United States Oil Company’ has since 1935 already become quickly specialized in the supply of high quality oil and lubricating products from the USA, more specifically from Bradford and Petrolia, Pennsylvania. During this period there arose - amongst other things - the collaboration with ARG – American Refining Group.

Over the years, the activities of Usoco have expanded to a broad package of refined (enriched) petrochemical and chemical products as well as services to support the clients in their production processes by way of consultancy and product management. Close cooperative ventures with preferential refining plants in the USA and Europe, guarantee continuity in quality and an optimum supply of the different petrochemical specialities of Usocore.

In order to continue the growth of the past years, the company name was changed in 2007 to Usocore.