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The developments and technological innovations within the area of packaging is subject to verification to the latest ecological and safety-technical guidelines.

Usocore is a specialist in the area of waxes for coatings, glue and hot melt applications and develops products which are future-oriented and of a durable and high quality. The range of oils, waxes, vaselines and paraffins which Usocore can supply for the packaging industry can be attuned by us to your needs and requirements. It goes without saying that our products meet the most stringent ordinances and guidelines. The waxes and oils which are recommended for the food processing industry are in conformity with European Directive 2002/72/EC, Bgvv and the FDA regulations. 

Products Applications
White oils All types of plastic and rubber items, such as PET bottles (reusable)
Vaselines  As a catalyst in various plastic packaging,
As a lubricant by machines for foodstuffs packaging
Microcrystalline waxes Bread bags, butter/ margarine wraps, sealings for food beakers,
yogurt beakers, protective agent against dehydration in vegetable cartons and fruit boxes
Paraffin waxes Protective agent against dehydration in vegetable cartons and fruit boxes