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HYCUT: allready exceeds environmental standards

CO2 – Biogenic raw materials in HYCUT
You may be wondering what contribution water-miscible cutting fluids can make to protect the environment ?

  1. The HYCUT range is based on a synthetic ester oil of biogenic origin. Thus a contribution is already  being made climate-neutral production.
  2. The HYCUT programma makes it possible to replace many 'mineral' oil based products even for arduous applications like broaching, deep hole drilling and honing, utilising the excellent lubricant properties and variety of the base 'ester' oil.
  3. Waste volumes and disposal frequencies can be reduced and extraneous oils can be re-cycled back into the operating emulsion. 

However, the foremost task and development objective of HYCUT  series is the excellent performance in machining applications.

We are pleased to help you select the ideal product for your specific application from the HYCUT range so that maximum performance and quality can be achieved.